Tuesday, November 24, 2015

September Part II...

After Missouri and Oklahoma, we drove down to Salado, TX to see my family.  It was super fun because we got to share the news of Baby Monk #2 with them!  We didn't have any shows during the week, so it was filled with down time and play time...

Sweet Elliot.

I love that Griffin still lives in costume!

When you're homeschooled, you get to come over to play during Oliver's nap.  

We went to Waco to see Nana and got to have lunch with my dear friend, Tammy.  Sweet times but never long enough!

And I tagged along for the after school pick up routine.

We got to see Caleb play an amazing football game and that's when I figured out I'm a crazy person when someone I love is competing.  Oops.

At the end of the week, we headed to Pasadena then Montgomery for shows.  Oliver had a little cold, so we left him behind and went by ourselves.  It was weird and enjoyable =)

Thanks to Grammie, Paads, and Elliot for helping!

Our next stop was Amarillo!!!  Which is where we we are right now.  So inception.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The rest of September...

Now you all know why I've slacked on the blogs... I'm growing a human and she makes me very tired.  But, I'm trying here.

After South Dakota, we had stops in Missouri and Oklahoma, slowly making our way down to Texas.

First was Springfield, MO.  We stayed a couple days there and killed time by walking around the mall.  Oliver loves the strollers you can rent.  (And so do I after I give them a little wipe down because ewww.)  

Our show was at Life Fellowship Church.  We hadn't been back since I was pregnant with Oliver, so it was wonderful to see old friends and get caught up!

One of my friends (who lives in England!!!) told her cousin to come out and she did!  

After Springfield, we made our way South.  Some amazing friends let us use their lake house and it is absolutely beautiful.  We just relaxed and watched old movies.  Incredibly thankful for them.

We did lose a flip flop in Walmart while getting groceries.  Luckily, a nice man saw us frantically going down each isle and he brought it to us!

The house has an old piano and Oliver was a fan.

The following Sunday, we played in Pryor, OK at Church of the Nazarene.  Again -- another church we hadn't been to since Oliver was cooking in my belly.   Fun times =)

We left right after church and drove the 7 or so hours to Salado to see my family and share some BIG news!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

South Dakota

At the end of August we hit the road for 5 weeks.  Our first stop was South Dakota, so we split up that drive...

We actually packed sandwich stuff so Oliver got to eat like this.  It was pretty much the greatest day for him.

Snuggle time in the hotel.

The first place we played was Northridge Baptist in Mitchell, SD.  We led worship and shared some songs for both services and these people were so kind.    

We will definitely be making it a regular stop!

We left after church and drove to Red Owl, SD to stay with family.  They live on a ranch and Oliver loved watching the cows eat and watching the tractor bale hay.  And riding the 4-wheeler.  (Once Mama agreed that it was okay.)

Our family took us to see the sights.  Mount Rushmore is breathtaking.  Seriously amazing.
 *note: I was 10 weeks pregnant and already showing a little and when I saw this I was like, "well, people are going to be wondering!"  Sure enough, my sister was!

We drove through the Black Hills and saw some buffalo.  They do not smell very good.

You just have to let them get out of the way on their own!

Then, Crazy Horse.  

We were in the area the whole week, so we were able to see more family!  They also have a ranch and Trent hopped up on that horse.  I said, "please do not break your arm.  I cannot play guitar."

Oliver was not a fan, but we made him ride the horse.  Solid patenting right there.  He ended up liking it a little (ha!) but was really more interested in all the rocks.

On Wednesday, we made the short trip to Rapid City to play at Big Life Church.  They put us up in a historic hotel, The Alex Johnson, and it was really neat.  It apparently is haunted.  So you better believe we got all prayed up before bed.  We experienced zero paranormal activity, thank you Jesus.

The show was a great one!  Packed house and a responsive crowd.  

Jamie put the show together and she was fantastic.  She's the program director at KSLT in Rapid City and we love her.

Leaving the next morning.  I just love this.  It looks like he's hailing a cab!

On our way out of town, we stopped at Story Book Island.  It is incredible.  And FREE!  It was really hot, so we didn't stay long.  

That night, we had a show at Union Center Baptist in Union Center, SD.  It was a last minute thing, thrown together by family and was amazing.  Another packed house with a fun crowd!  

All of Ginny's "sister-cousins."

And their families.  The blonde upfront is who Oliver would not leave alone.  

We had such a good time with family, some we had never met.  Good people up there =)

Next stop was Sioux Falls for The LifeLight Festival.  Oliver was with a sweet sitter all day.  I found her through mutual friends on Facebook and it was so nice to not have to chase him all over the festival grounds.  Kind of a date day =)

The first stage we played was a low-key coffee shop vibe.  It was a great turnout and people really liked it!  (Yay for new fans!)  And I found a Baylor mom!

Our next time slot was at a bigger stage which we were super excited about.  Also exciting?  Seeing Jon Foreman perform.   Bummer was we had to follow him, which meant a lot of the crowd left.  Boo.  Still a fun time, though! 

And then when we were finished with our set, I almost tripped on the cajon mic.  So, that was fun.

We left LifeLight and drove to Yankton.  We led worship and shared music with Discovery Church.  Another great SD stop!  Sweet people and the pastor wants us to bring our golf clubs next time!

We cannot get over how awesome South Dakota was.  The people, the scenery, the shows.  Such a blessing.

Our next stops were in Missouri and Arkansas and Texas (stay tuned)... but until then, I'll leave you with these sweet ones.