Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rocky Top

*There seems to be something wrong with my phone's camera.  All my pictures  are foggy.*

*Like anyone would be upset that I don't have clear pictures.*

*But still, I felt the need to explain.*


We hardly ever (and I've never ever) have shows in the actual state in which we live.  Strange, but true.  Within the last week and a half, we were able to stay close to home and share music in Lebanon and Dayton, TN.

It was great to be close, but a little strange.  We're so used to the rhythm of the road and not having that rhythm was different.  I mean, when we got dressed, we got clothes out of our closet and not our suitcase.  Weird.

Anyway, our friends, Chris and Caleb, lead worship for the youth on Wednesdays at Immanuel Baptist in Lebanon.  They were on the road and asked us to fill in.

Wasn't it nice of them to put up an 'M' just for us?  J/k.  It eventually said 'Illuminate.'

O had lots of room to roam while Trent got set up.  I'm sure the gym floor was clean enough =)

And I'm sorry, but when did he get so big?!?

Before the service, after the delicious church dinner, we got away and let the boy play.  He loves to bang on things.  Loudly.
 We had a great time and I'm glad to say the youth were very respectful and attentive.  I'm also glad to say Oliver did great in the nursery.  Except, I think that's where he picked up the virus he's currently fighting.  Part of it, right?

The following Sunday, we drove to Dayton to play at First Baptist Church.  I got no other pictures than these pretty ones.  The drive was beautiful.  Rainy and with a sick baby, but beautiful.

The church was having a night where everyone gathers to sing hymns.  Then we closed the night with a concert.  Everyone loved it!  It's always nice to be able to find common ground with a mostly older crowd, through music.  Oliver was kept in the nursery by a sweet lady.  By the time I got to him, he was not happy.  He did not feel good and was tired and we could not get home soon enough.

He slept pretty much the whole way.  Then we checked his temperature when we got home and it was 103.7 and I FREAKED out and was ready to go to the ER but then my calm husband who balances me (praise the Lord), said "let's see if we can lower it first." We gave him Motrin and I took a bath with him and it came down a little bit and then I was able to breathe again.

So that's that!  It was nice to be close and an even bigger blessing to be able to take Oliver to his doctor and keep him home to get better.  I pray he never gets sick while we're on the road.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Missouri Loves Company

A few weeks ago, we drove to Missouri for some shows and had a fabulous time.

 Our first stop was Monett.  We've been there several times and love going back.  Plus, it's a major win, when the framily (yes, friends and family) you're staying with have a granddaughter.  Because TOYS!

We led worship during the Sunday service at Ozark Christian Church.  As I've mentioned before, Sundays are tricky with Oliver.  Figuring out when to nurse and nap (wherever, whenever) and being flexible with it, is part of it.

Of course, everyone was so kind.  We also met a little girl who's 4 days older than O.  She's tiny and he's huge.  I really wish I would've gotten a picture.  

We had a mid-week show fall through, so instead of driving home, just to drive back to Missouri the next weekend, our framily let us stay at their lake house.  We were (and are) grateful.

I know.  Right?  Amazing.  It was a week of blessed relaxation.  We unplugged and chilled.

  And grilled.

And walked to the lake.

And ate outside.

And got in the lake.

 Oliver wasn't a fan.  He loves baths and pools but the lake was a little scary for him.  It was so sad.

He did enjoy helping Trent write while I booked shows.  Haha!

We left Monett and drove to Blue Springs to perform at First Baptist Church.  This is the church that has an apartment in the building.  It's the church that first made us realize that every church should have an apartment in the building.  (We'll start a petition for you to sign.)  They were incredibly generous and let us stay 3 nights.  Huge blessing.

We got there and Trent immediately began the process of making Oliver a room.  We bought some clothes pins and he was like MacGyver.  Or should I say MonkGyver?    

Room to roam!

And while O slept, we watched Netflix with headphones.

We were able to actually go to the church service on Sunday morning.  It was awesome to wake up, get dressed, and literally walk down the hall to the sanctuary!  

After church, we napped then walked down the hall again to sound check, which sometimes looks like this now.  

The concert was that night and we had a great time.  Such nice folks.

Oliver did great in the nursery and they shared this picture with us.  Makes my mama heart happy.

Sweet Brittney offered to hold O while we packed up!

 And these girls get a picture every time we come through.  Fun!

We left Desloge and drove to Rolla to play at Missouri S & T.

Again, with the classy blanket wall.  

We loved performing in Leach Theatre.  It was beautiful!

A little pre-show multitasking =)

We had so much fun!  

A sweet Nana watched Oliver in the green room and I wish I could say it was smooth sailing.  It was not.  He's definitely had worse days, but it wasn't his best.  Bless it.  I cannot stress enough what a trooper he is.

And he zonked out on the way home.  With an empty water bottle.

The boy is obsessed.

Monday, August 25, 2014

{ Pennsylvania or Bust }

A few weeks ago, we drove to Knox, Pennsylvania for the weekend to lead worship at Cornerstone Church and open for Josh Wilson.

We split up the drive which is, as you know, how we do it these days.  We stopped about halfway and stayed with some gracious friends who fed us yummy food and loved on our Oliver.  It was great.  Well, other than Oliver's sleep, or lack there of.  It was a tough night.

The next day, we continued on to Knox, got checked in, and got supper.  We let Oliver roam the hall.  I felt like the carpet was clean enough.

We were exhausted and were literally in bed before 8:00.  (Before 7:00, our time!) 
Our boy decided to have a night of getting up and crying every hour and a half to two hours.  And I can't really let him fuss it out in a hotel, so that was another long night.  Clearly, he was fine with it...

In addition to a sleepless night, we had to get up super early to get to the church by 7:00 AM.  We led worship for two services on Sunday morning at Cornerstone and they were precious people.  They loved what we did, which is always nice to hear.  And Oliver did *pretty* well in the nursery.  Awesome the first service and not so awesome the second.  But, we were finished for the day, so I picked him up early.

*1st service = happy baby*

After grabbing lunch and getting changed, we had to immediately go to the next venue to sound check.

There was a spread of snacks backstage, which I always love.  Earlier in the day, the folks responsible for the spread asked if there was anything special we wanted.  We said just water (We're so low maintenance!  Bring us to your church!  Ha.)  and jokingly said no brown M&Ms. 

And they did it!!!  We cracked up.  Well played.

We had the sweetest OliVolunteer.  And she did amazingly well with him.

We got to visit with Josh and his road manager (who also has a son named Oliver) and I'm glad to report that they are sweet and genuine!  (That's not always the case with well known artists, I'm sorry to say.)

We played for about 30 minutes and had a blast!  Having songs do well on the radio in the area really helped.  

When we were finished, we listened to Josh from backstage and decided to take a peek.
(See my boys' heads?)

(Well, we didn't stay hidden enough and some people saw our little one and started laughing and oh-look-how-cute-ing and pointing.  Oops.)

After the show, we were sitting at a table and signing things and that's when Oliver grabbed an open sharpie, without my knowledge, and put it in his mouth.  And then ended up with a partial Hitler mustache.  Mom of the year right here, y'all.  No picture, unfortunately.  (Or maybe that's a good thing?)  

Anyway, it was a long day and night and Oliver did awesome.  Only melting down on the way back to the hotel.  People were shocked how well he held it together.  Such a sweet trooper boy.

We found a cheap hotel room for our trip back home and had time to grab dinner as a family.  

Oliver hadn't had solids in four days (I just didn't mess with it and most of his calories come from me anyway.)  But boy howdy.  I got out some food and he CHOWED.  DOWN.  Bless his heart, he must've been starving!  Again, mom of the year.

He had a better night, probably because he slept with us most of the night.  But not because we didn't try to separate us all.  I mean check out this wall.  My man is truly talented.

There was construction happening the next morning.  I woke up to hammers.  Fun times.

O liked to watch the workers!

And Trent did, too.

It was a whirlwind of a trip and a great one!  We can't wait to go back to PA.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oliver is 8 months!!!

Dear Oliver,

My goodness.  Where has the time gone?  You have really been busy growing and doing and learning and it is so. much. fun. to watch.

You started sitting up all by yourself!  It took some time, but you are a pro now.

AND you had your first time on/in a swing.  You were still a little wobbly, so we'll have to try again.  Look how adorable you are!

And you went from sitting up, to pulling up like, in a day!  Why are you in such a hurry to grow up?  Just kidding.  We are so proud of you!  You've gotten some bumps here and there, but nothing that can't be fixed with some extra cuddles.

Standing in your crib is now a daily thing.  It should be fun when you can yell for us.  Ha!  And mercy are you hard to change.  We have to give you things to hold to keep you occupied.  Your brush seems to help, or a water bottle.  Even then we have about 20 seconds to get it done.

You are strong and strong willed.  You know what you want and you want it now.  You do not sit still…go, go, go is your mentality. 

You have now been to 17 states!  Two more were added this month and we can't wait to show you where all you've been.

You have started picking up food with your fingers and you love to eat!  When you see us eat, we can tell you really want it, too.  That'll come soon enough, sweet boy.  

You aren't a fan of the vacuum.  If I hold you, you're fine.  But if not?  Whoa.  You hate the car wash vacuums and rightfully so.  Those things are loud and you have to stay in your seat.  Sorry!

Your naps are longer and you have two a day, usually.  Yay!  Night time is still not the best, but we're handling it.  There are times when I comfort you in the middle of the night and I wonder if your wife is getting comforted by her mama at the same time.  Then I say a prayer for you and for her.  That you will both have soft hearts for Jesus.

  Sometimes, you give me gummy kisses and it melts my heart.  Sometimes, you bite me when you're nursing.  That does not melt my heart.  You don't do it too often, though, and who can be mad at a face like that?

Your little legs have gotten rough from crawling and boy can you move!  Super fast.  And super fast toward whatever it is you shouldn't have.  

One of the main questions we get is if you're a good traveler.  We are so thankful that you are!  Sure, you fuss here and there, but you're a baby!  To hear some other parents' stories about how their babies screamed makes us even more thankful…so thank you, Mister Man.  You really are such a trooper!

You experienced the lake for the first time.  You didn't like it.  It scared you, poor thing.  But you sure looked cute in a life jacket!

You can be playing and into everything but when a good song comes on TV or a commercial you stop and watch.  And it's not every song!  You definitely have a taste…and it's good.

Oliver, you are the best thing we've ever done.  Not only do you bring us joy, but you bring joy to everyone who meets you.  You made us a mommy and a daddy and you are teaching us daily what that means.  We cannot tell you enough just how much we love you!